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Protective Copper Gloves - Breathable Safety - Comfortable Fit Reusable Gloves Keep Hands Safe - Use Cell Phones, ATM Screens and Open Doors 1 Size 10 Pairs

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✅ KEEP YOUR HANDS CLEAN & SAFE with the 2MyHands premium safety copper gloves, which are specially designed to protect your hands from dirty surfaces. Now you can open doors, press elevator buttons or use tools with peace of mind.

✅ YOU CAN NEVER BE TOO SAFE and our copper gloves for women and men are here to add an extra layer of protection during these uncertain times. Keep yourself, your kids, your parents, and your loved ones safe with our comfy copper glove set.

✅ ADAPT TO THE NEW REALITY WITH COPPER GLOVES: Multiple studies have shown that copper particles can help protect your hands, which is crucial during these times. Get on with your daily life without relying on costly nitrile gloves anymore

✅ SO MUCH BETTER THAN DISPOSABLE GLOVES, our stretchy and breathable gloves will not only make your daily life easier, but also give you more bang for your buck. You can simply wash and reuse them up to 20 times without having to buy new ones.

✅ DON'T LEAVE HOME WITHOUT YOUR GLOVES: Designed to help you use your cell phone touch screen, point-of-sale terminals, bank ATM's, door handles, shopping carts, restroom doors or any other dirty surface, our gloves will make your life easier.

✅ THE COPPER INFUSED MATERIALS that makes up these compression gloves have been scientifically confirmed to indicate Anti-viral properties. Attaining a 99.99% discount and destruction of Bovine Coronavirus inside simply 10 minutes.


Germ Information

Did You Know:

  • We contact lots of of surfaces a day going about our on a regular basis lives that are contaminated with thousands and thousands of germs that may trigger illness and diseases.
  • Round 80% of illness-causing germs are unfold by your palms.
  • A single sneeze can produce as much as 40,000 droplets that may spray throughout surfaces as much as 5 ft away.
  • One germ can multiply into greater than eight million germs in in the future.
  • Your palms harbour 1,000x extra germs when they’re damp than when they’re dry.
  • Roughly 20% of individuals don’t wash their palms, and of people who do, simply 30% use cleaning soap.

he apparent greatest plan of action is to clean your palms with cleaning soap, however the subsequent neatest thing to assist cleaner palms alongside utilizing hand-sanitiser are our anti-microbial copper-infused gloves, which have been scientifically confirmed in impartial laboratory assessments how they may assist scale back the probabilities of catching and spreading illness-causing germs.


Are your gloves making you sick:

Are your gloves making you sick? Door handles are one of the widespread harbourers for dangerous germs and micro organism inflicting infections to unfold corresponding to E.coli, Staphylococcus, plus fungal and viral infections.

Do you undergo from Raynaud’s illness?

Raynaud’s impacts 10 million individuals within the KR, inflicting the muscle mass in your small blood vessel partitions to contract because of adjustments in temperature, stopping blood movement, resulting in ache and numbness in your fingers and toes.

Do you undergo from Rheumatoid arthritis?

Rheumatoid arthritis is a situation that causes the joint lining (synovium) to swell, leading to ache and stiffness within the joints, typically beginning within the small joints of the palms and toes.

How typically do you wash your gloves?

Whether or not you put on your gloves to train or to maintain you heat when outdoor, a build-up of perspiration out of your palms over time result in foul odours except washed commonly.

Top 3 Reasons To Replace Your With The 2MyHands Copper Gloves

✅  Our Copper Gloves Are Safer: It keeps your hands safe from contaminated surfaces and can be reused through cleaning.

✅  Our Copper Gloves Are More Comfortable: Copper gloves provide cool breathability and a soft fit.

✅  Our Copper Gloves Are More Practical: In everyday life, driving, smart phone touch, multi-touch, public transportation, elevator, escalator, shopping cart, ATM, etc. are safe to use.

You Will Never Have To Touch A Dirty Surface Again! Here’s How!

Looking for a pair of protective safety gloves for men and women?

Want to keep your kids and your loved ones safe from contaminated surfaces?

Need a more efficient and cost-effective solution than those costly disposable nitrile latex gloves?

Introducing The Ultimate Safety Copper Gloves By 2MyHands!

Now you don’t have to settle for cheaply-made disposable gloves that fall apart even before you put them on or low-quality work gloves that provide no protection whatsoever.

The 2MyHands premium copper gloves are here to shield your hands and make sure that you never have to touch a dirty door handle, elevator button or shopping cart with bare hands – ever again!


Need More Reasons?

✔️ Super-Comfy One-Size Fits All Fit – They Will Fit Like… A Glove!

✔️ Mega-Value 10-Pack – Replaces 200 Single-Use Gloves AND Provides Improved Protection

✔️ Perfect For Professionals And Essential Workers



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