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2MyHands Copper Gloves for Men and Women Touch Sensitive, Breathable and Moisture-Wicking Weave

  • Get the upper hand on germs

    Protect yourself against invisible threats on contaminated surfaces. Antibacterial Gloves by 2MyHands integrate the antiviral properties of copper into comfortable knit gloves, establishing the first line of defense against illness-causing bacteria, germs and viruses. After donning these copper gloves for women and men, feel free to go about your day using ATM keypads and shopping carts without bombarding your body with dangerous microbes.

  • Still using Chinese gloves without virus protection?

    Unlike latex or vinyl gloves that retain sweat and limit your mobility, these form-fitting gloves are breathable and moisture-wicking. Your hands stay cool and dry so you can do precision work and maneuver tools safely and without slipping and drops. By incorporating copper into comfortable, well-fitting gloves you can socialize, work and play with peace of mind. The copper ions react to hydrogen peroxide released by bacteria, dissolving the outer cellular membranes and rendering them harmless.

  • Gently cleanses and prepares skin for further treatment

  • Freshens and uplifts without drying

30-Day Money-Back Guaranteed

30-Day Money-Back Guaranteed

Stay in touch safely

  • 2MyHands Copper Protective Gloves also provide touch sensitivity that disposable gloves do not. Use your tablet or phone to text, place phone calls, play games or take digital orders from clients without removing them and exposing yourself to contaminants. High-quality knitting includes stretchy cuffs so you can garden, handle packages and perform automotive repairs with ease. Machine-washing keeps 2MyHands Copper Gloves clean and ready to wear again.

  • TOUCH SENSITIVE to allow full use of your smartphone, tablet and point-of-sale terminals, our copper hand gloves safeguard you from germs and bacteria. Push shopping carts, press elevator buttons and use ATM keypads and other high-touch surfaces while reducing your exposure to microbes and viruses.

  • NON-SLIP GRIP lets you work skillfully with objects of all shapes and sizes. Unlike sweaty, slippery gloves that result in drops and provide no viral protection, our full copper gloves provide an effective yet fully functional barrier between you and germ-laden objects at home, at work and in commercial settings.

  • SNUG-FITTING, HIGHLY ELASTIC knit copper gloves for men and women offer germ protection as you shake hands, exchange money and use door handles in public spaces. Soft, comfortable and bacteria-resistant, they can be used on delicate items without leaving scratches or finger smudges.

Award Winning Design

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100% Satisfied Guarantee